Introducing Jacob Willcox , young stud of 23 from Western Australia. Currently competing in the World Qualifying Series. We caught up with this charger & all round great bloke to pick his brains on all things fins, boards and what’s been happening over the past year.
What have you been up to?
I’ve been cruising at home in West Aus basically since the start of Covid, focusing on filming and doing trips within the state. Now I’m back over on the east coast travelling to a few of the QS events to get back in the swing of competing.


What boards are you riding at the moment?

I’m riding DHD’s and have been for almost 10 years now. Darren’s a legend and some of the boards he is pumping out at the moment are as good as they get.

Go-to summer board?

My standard 5’10 3DV is a bit of a summer staple but it’s always good to mix it up on a Twinny or the PHOENIX which is one of DH’s new models that goes like a rocket when it’s small.

First place you're heading when travel opens up again?
I’d love to get over to Mentawai's. I’ve never done a boat trip there and the idea of scoring sick waves with a good crew sounds top-notch.


What got you through your lockdown?

Being over in WA we were pretty lucky during the lockdown, still being able to travel the whole coast for waves made it a pretty good time but being able to spend a lot of time with family and friends got me through it.

What fins are you using in small waves?

5’10 3DV 26.5-27L in this board I ride the MF Large in the fluro green and black. I ride the MF fin in a lot of my boards but I like the feeling of the different material in the Fluro fins. They give me a bit of extra zip and speed in the smaller stuff as I feel like they have a little more flex and react fast.

Medium waves?  

5’11 3DV/DNA 26.5L in this board I mainly ride the MF Large in black and white or the H4’s. I love the drive and control you get with the MF black and white fins they are just so solid and I know exactly what I’m going to get from them. I’m not going to get any skipping out or lack of drive-through my turns but when I need to the release out of the lip they do it with ease.



The H4’s are a unique looking fin but quickly becoming my favourite fin. When the waves have a bit of push these fins can match it. The amount of drive and speed these fins have is crazy and I have been able to push them through turns as hard as I want at full speed and they have handled the conditions great.

Large waves? 6'3 Ducks nuts 28.5L. In my bigger boards, I like to drop down to an MF medium fin as you still have the great outline of the MF fin but just being that bit smaller allows for me to have more manoeuvrability and release out of the tail.

Thanks for your time Jacob. 


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