The FCS II Panda Keel is built for performance with high sweep and a deep profile.

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  • Overview

    Designed by Blake Peters, the Panda keel is a sleek, raked template with a narrow tip designed to allow a more progressive approach to surfing a variety of keel surfboard models with both narrow and wide tail designs. Recommended for the Rocket Fish and the Astro Zombie.

    Keel templates with a high amount of sweep typically have a fairly straight trailing edge, yet in contrast, the Panda keel has an accentuated curve on the trailing edge which gives it the appearance of a stretched out contemporary shaped fin. The high sweep angle produces a burst of drive and acceleration from the take off, and the tapered tip maintains a feeling of freedom and release off the top.

    This keel also sits quite deep in the water, which helps to stabilise the board and deliver a sense of flow when turning it higher speeds. Positioned in the M-L size category, this keel will deliver an overriding sense of smoothness and flow, allow you to turn sharply off the top, and confidently carve on rail with power.

    • Keel
    • High sweep, deep profile

    Board Types

    • Designed to fit the FCS II Fin System.
    • Recommended for all board types including fish, funboard and twin fin boards. Specifically for the Rocket Fish and the Astro Zombie.
    • Narrow and wide tail keel models

    Fin Family

    • Carver: Find Power. Powerful, drawn-out turns with added hold.
    Bag Materials


  • Performance Glass

    Performance Glass (PG) fins are machine cut from layers of solid fiberglass. These fins are stiff, and are widely used by pro level surfers because the integrity of the flex is maintained under immense force, and in the most extreme of conditions and situations.

  • Medium - Large

    New Sizing for Specialty Fins

    You may notice new size ratings for our Specialty Fin Range. Previously, all Specialty Series fins were rated an XL. To better reflect fin sizing, we now have 3 new size categories:S-M, M-L, and L-XL.

    Please refer to the Size/Fin Data tab on the product page to compare dimensions, or alternatively, you can find more information on the FCS Fin Data page 


    Base (inches)

    Base (mm)

    Depth (inches)

    Depth (mm)

    Area (inches)

    Area  (mm)

    Sweep Deg°


    Side  4.65 165
    135.1 24.23
    39.9° Flat

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