Welcome To Part Two Of Our Caught Inside Series.
In this instalment we touch base with photographer and all round man of mystery Ryan Miller as he takes us through his favourite photos from last year & gives some insight on what went down during each session.

Ryan follows the tour across the globe for most of the year and is often there to capture some of the best free surfing from each event.


"Watching Filipe win in Brazil is a whole different level of emotion compared to the other contests. It is 10X the electricity of the world title. Filipe himself goes into a mode I rarely see any other competitor go into anywhere. Not sure if it is the crowd feeding off of him or the other way around but it is nothing short of fireworks."


"A lot of guys on tour have an amazing frontside turn. Some have a powerful backside turn as well. Very few if any have the precision on their backhand that Julian does. Guy is an absolute surgeon with hanging the fins above the lip. This turn, with this good of technique, is so rare it is always a beautiful sight."


"That feeling of swimming all day at Keramas is a joy unparalleled. That event was the best event to photograph on tour. I’m so sad it is gone. Getting to watch the world’s best front row from the water as they push themselves in one of the most rip-able waves on earth is a treat."


"The first day we were all in town for Jbay last year it was as good as it gets from sun up until sundown. Going straight from a jet-lagged fitful sleep into this at sunrise was what I am always longing for. Just a Clif Bar or two in the bag and a bottle of water got me through the entire day. It was one of those days that you just can’t look away."


"Teahupoo this year was also one of the best days ever for the initial free surf just off the plane. That day was wild but the photos all look like the Teahupoo you have seen 100 times over. The small days is when I try and really push my photography. When you get some really clean wind and small barrels there are some amazing opportunities. it may take 500 tries in one day and 499 of them are trash but when you get this one gem it is all worth it."

About Ryan Miller
Down the beach at first light checking the conditions, last one up at night editing photos, Ryan, or BadBoy as he’s known to some is one of the hardest-working surf-photographers out there. Always buzzing around the event site, covering in-heat and free-surfs, never missing a beat. His affinity for red wine and colorful speedos is legendary. We’re stoked to have him share a few highlights from the year gone, and hope you enjoy a glimpse into his world

Stay tuned for more from our Caught Inside series. Get in touch via social and let us know what you’d like to see. Together we can make it through this!

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